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April 11, 2018

Macau: Gambling Capital of the World

Macau is situated in China and famous for its gambling. Portuguese government made gambling legal in Macau in 1850. It is the only place in China where casinos and gambling are legalized as a result world’s most luxurious and incredible casinos are gathered here. Bing a home to all these casinos Macau deals in billions. It offers most luxury hotels, intelligent architecture, finest dining, and accommodation. Most of the casinos are situated in massive luxury hotels and resorts. Cotai has the largest resort and words largest casino in Venetian Macao is situated in Cotai.

Hotels and Casinos

Macau attracts more than thirty million tourist and visitors from all over the world. Macau has more than 75 hotels and over 30000guest rooms. Among those, they have starting rating of two stars to five stars. More hotels are opening and adding more rooms. As of 2016, it has total 38 casinos. Venetian Macau is the biggest of them all. The casinos of Macau are situated in two different regions. Among these casinos, twenty-three are in Macau Peninsula and ten casinos are in Taipa Island. Every casino operates by some strict rules and regulations and works under the supremacy of the Government. A range of game is available among those. Backpack, roulette, baccarat, Fan Tan to mention a few.

List of Some Casinos and there features

Casino Lisboa: It is one of the top casinos in Macau. It is open 24 hours. It is a hotel cum casino and has more than 1000 rooms and over 6 restaurants. The casino has 107 slots and 146 table games. It is standing over 190,000 sq ft area. Casa Real Casino: It is opened 24*7 and is among the top casinos in Macau. It is a Hotel too and has 381 room, knight bar, and 2 restaurants. The casino has 123 slots 53 table games. The casino section has 123 slots and 53 table games. This place is standing upon 36,000 sq ft area. Golden Dragon Casino: This hotel cum restaurant has 483 deluxe guest rooms. Among them, 84 are harbor faced. It is a VIP casino and has 45 signature suits. The casino contains 137 slots and 85 gaming tables. It also contains 123 gaming machines and 15 VIP rooms. It provides 24-hour service. City of Dreams: The Hard rock hotel has 366 rooms. It also has 290 suites Crown Tower Hotel. It has a part of hotel Grand Hyatt which consists of 981 rooms. The casino is standing on 420,000 square-feet area and the gaming room contains over 1500 machines and 550 gaming tables. It also has a Theatre called Theatre of Dreams which has 1700 seats and more than 85,000square-feet of retail space. Grandview Casino: It is among the top casinos situated in Macau and provides a 24-hour service. The casino has 51 gaming tables. The hotel has 407 rooms with two restaurants.


Macau is a place where one can earn everything or can lose everything. It is a dream place for gambling lovers. At first most of the casinos throughout Macau are owned by billionaires of China. But things got changed after 2002. It was a change of an era for these casinos. They became an open place for the world and from then it was established as a gambling haven for thousands of investors from all around the world. The economy of Macau depends greatly on these casinos. Around 50% of the economy comes from the revenue of these casino homes. Total three types of gambling are shown in Macau, those three are casinos, horse racing, and greyhound racing. Overall Macau the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” is a place which is stupendous in every possible way and attracts millions of tourists every year.
April 11, 2018


If you look closely we can see that each and every casino comes with some unique design. Like we know that casinos don’t have windows or clock and it is the common aspect for all casinos. This tradition of casino architecture is called maze layout. Many people think this as a reason for gambling addiction as people lost track of time by which they are losing their money or earning some.But we can say that every casino has something addictive which attracts people to come over and over again. You can the games in casinos are designed such a way that one can get addicted.Most of the casinos are luxurious and this is another reason for casino addiction as people are addicted to luxury. We here will discuss casinos and their effect on people mind.

Gambling psychology

Gambling addiction is something which changes our brain in a very dramatical way. The human brain is more responsive to visualization and sound. The designers use these factors to make gambling machines like slotting machine, pokies, and others to interact with the people’s mind. As an example when a person using a slot machine where he had to match columns to win but the person loses, then the slotting machine offers some of the points based on some human physiological turn on and made the person wanting to gamble again. It not only uses the turns on factors but also uses the religious examples or signs to play with people believe.

Effect of gambling on our brain

Gambling is a very popular habit for a huge amount of people.Years of science and research shows that when a person gambles there was a certain change of activities in their brain. Gambling mainly has three stages i.e. betting, waiting and winning or losing. Scientist notices during bet the brain of gambler remains calm. But during the second stage, the visual system of the brain is activated intensely and the emotional regions are activated too. During the third stage, scientists noticed a strange similarity with the second stage. They noticed that the brain activity remains almost same even if the person loses or wins. So in the context of gambling winning or losing has the same impact as taking part in gambling. So we can tell gambling is designed to addict.

Gambling Myths and Facts about Pokies

There are many myths build upon the gaming machines like pokies based on once personal superstitions, logics or charms. But the truth is that pokies are just machines designed to show random numbers. The signs or the spinning wheel means nothing more than computer graphics. Here are some myths listed below which are believed to be true.
  • The more you play the more you win: This is one of the most unreasonable myths that the winning chances get better with time. Pokies are just random machines in which the chances of winning are worse than one in a million.
  • Some machines are lucky: People think some pokies are luckier than other because some machines look or sound different. But these machines are made such a way that may look or sound appealing to an individual. The truth is the more you play the more you lose.
  • Machines pay out when there hasn’t been a jackpot: The odds of winning or losing remain same even if a machine consumes a tremendous amount of money. The machined is designed to make money so there is nothing like overloading or anything.
  • There are ways to beat pokies: This is another myth which doesn’t exist. There is no change in the results even if you play slower or faster or touch or press the machine in a different way this is a game of chances and the longer you play the more you lose.
  • Pokies are good ways to relax: Many people think that pokies are a good way to relax. But according to scientists playing poker for a long time can actually create pressure to the brain and increase blood pressure. It damages once sleeping habits.


Nowadays, the numbers of gamblers are increased dramatically. Addictive gambling can cause a person lose everything including their family and friends. Gambling may be the mainstream in some places but it causes misfortunes for the majority. There are very few people who gain from these so-called fortune houses called casinos. Taking gambling as an occasional recreation is good but addictive gambling leads to disaster.  
April 11, 2018


A casino is a place where a bunch of people comes and gamble. Casino basically provides a roof for gamblers. Most of the casinos are built alongside with hotels and resorts or they are building near populated places like hotels, marketplaces, shopping malls, cruise etc. As for now, gambling is legal in many places like Macau, Los Angeles etc.

The existence of casino and its effect on the economy and people is a very controversial aspect. But the amount of profit this gambling home makes has a huge impact on the economy and growth of that country. Gambling is done in these legalized gambling homes i.e. casino by various kind of games like blackjack, poker, table game, bingo, big six wheels etc. Most of them are luck based ones. Many countries have online gambling community's which may or may not be legal depending on the law of that country.

Gambling: Tails Back Centuries

The origin of gambling is a matter of debate. It is very hard to tell the origin of official gambling homes. But gambling has started paleolithic period. The first gambling house “The Ridotto” was founded in Europe. It was situated in Venice and although it is not a casino it fulfills the criteria of a modern casino and has many similar features. It was controlled by the “Great Council of Venice”. It was closed in 1774 by the government. In the history of America, gambling homes are traditionally called saloon. It is a place in which people often visit to find some recreation like drinking, eating, hanging out and gambling among each other.After that gambling was banned in America around 20th century. Shortly after that, around 1931 gambling was legalized in Nevada and around 1976it is legalized in Atlantic city by New Jersey.

Gambling: Lifeline of Casinos

Gamblers gather in casinos from all over the world to play a game of chance. The games are mainly divided into two categories. Those are game against the house or the game against each other. Mostly the games are based on sensors and some based on personal skills. In both cases, the winning percentage is determined by mathematical calculation. The odds of winning a gamble are less for the gamblers the odds are shifted towards the house. Mostly person aged between18 to 21 is allowed to gamble. Casinos host many kinds of attractions other than gambling, like stand up comedy, dance show, drink bars etc. Some of the games depend upon luck other upon personal skills like craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and video poker.

World most popular casinos

The most popular casinos in the world are those that have thousands of visitors gambling millions of dollars overnight. Of them the most mention-worthy are noted below:
  • Macau:
Macau is the former Portuguese colonies which have been a Paradise for those people who love to gamble since 1999. Portuguese government legalized gambling in this region and from them it became world biggest gambling market attracting millions of people from all over the world.
  • The casino Estoril of Portugal:
It is the largest casino in Europe situated and the municipality of Cascais. It is one of the most popular casinos and many famous movies like James Bond 007 Casino Royale are suited here.
  • United States:
Most casinos in the world are situated in the United States. More than 1000 casinos are there in United Space and more casinos are establishing. Los Angeles is the biggest marketplace for casinos in the United States. The casinos of United States take a huge part in the economy.
  • Singapore:
Singapore is a newcomer in the context of casinos. It has only 2 casinos but in terms of quality and architecture, they are top notch. It worth mentioning, that these two casinos are owned by foreign countries.


Casino deals with a huge amount of money show the security system in casinos is among the top. Basically, casinos have two types of security- one system is physical security force another is expert surveillance security system. The physical system depends upon manpower and it deals with the criminal activities or cheating. Surveillance department watches every action very sharply and act based on the footages of surveillance. Anyway, casinos are still a matter of controversy and it is illegal in most of the countries in the world.